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Mr. Ashok M Katariya Chairman, Ashoka Buildcon Limited & Ashoka Education Foundation

Gold medalist in Civil Engineering

He has been bestowed recognition from various institutions including Life Time Achievement Awards by The Institution of Engineers, (India) and the COEP.

To be a leader, it is necessary that the person is not only equipped with knowledge, but one should be empowered with a strong character, motivation to face the odds and above all the ability to find and pursue a vision for one's life. Ashoka aims to create an environment where the students will develop themselves as an aware citizen but into a leader of Global status.

Ashoka is an initiative to revolutionize the educational environment by equipping the students with information, mental and spiritual strength together with contemporary skills. It also empowers their personality with a vision…

A vision to be a contributor in making India a superpower by the year 2020.

Mr. Satish D Parakh, Secretary

Ashoka Education Foundation is not just an institute, where teachers teach and students listen. It is in fact an absolute LEARING CENTER.

As a student GROWS UP, so does the Educator and the PARENT. Therefore it is equally important that the adult also learn newer and better ways of performing their roles. Our programme is designed to provide and educative environment for the complete triangle that a parent, a student and an Educator forms.

Mr. Ashok M Katariya Chairman
Mr. Shrikant Shukla, Joint Secretary - Ashoka Education Foundation

Mr. Shrikant Shukla, Joint Secretary - Ashoka Education Foundation

More than possessing the knowledge, it is important to know what purpose that knowledge can serve. Our country has been affected by the stereotype teaching system, where the focus is on ensuring that the students has learnt what has been taught.

AEF focuses on a much broader picture, which is of developing not just a SCHOLAR but a COMPLETE PERSON. One who know WHAT he is learning, WHY is he learning and HOW can he make the best utilization of his new gained knowledge.

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