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Mission Vision


The mission of Ashoka Education Foundation is to promote educational and technological growth of the nation to realise the Vision 2020 of making India a Super Power by 2020, by establishing integrated educational and training facilities for offering need-based education specially in emerging areas in order to equip our youth with necessary skills to meet the global challenges with stress on innovation, excellence in instruction and applied research using the latest technologies and methodologies.

According teaching and scholarship in AEF institutions shall encompass diverse areas of studies and disciplines including education, management, technology and science; emphasis being placed on the impact of technological change on both organizations


AEF's vision is sharply focused : to develop educational centers of excellence providing need-based globalised education from school to the highest level in traditional and emerging areas empowering our nation to be a Super Power by 2020 and while doing so be recognised as India's top level integrated educational facility with the latest technology setting the standard for excellence in knowledge creation, innovation, education, research and training in the identified areas of scientific and technological development.

Ashoka Education Foundation has adequate economic and organizational capacity of establishing Management Institute at Nashik where our senior Management Experts would be available to participate in the teaching programs. If Ashoka Education Foundation establishes a Management Institute at Nashik it is a position to give assurance to the Government that the quality of Management Education would be of the highest possible standard, and also would be job oriented. It would help several young students from the State of Maharashtra & also from other State of our country to receive utility oriented and practical management education.

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